New Zettelkasten Blog Is Now Open

This week, my good friend Sascha and I have opened the blog on the Zettelkasten project page. In the first post, we figured Sascha should introduce himself to you so you can get to know him.

You probably visit my personal Worklog to find out more about productivity, writing, and knowledge management. What’ll happen to this site?

A lot of my writing is going to happen on this new platform. I will continue to publish the usual feature-length articles there, and you can expect the same from Sascha. I’m inclined to post shorter blog posts there, too, to exhibit interesting articles of fellow bloggers and to showcase promising software applications. I wanted to write shorter bits of news of that kind for a long time, but found my personal Worklog wasn’t the right place for this. They would’ve watered-down the collection of rather lengthy articles. The Zettelkasten project page, on the other hand, provides the ideal context and can deal with both feature-length articles and news.

This Worklog is my playground, and from it emerged the unexpectedly popular Zettelkasten project. When I move posts about knowledge management and writing productivity to the new blog, the Worklog in turn has capacity to feature something different again. I plan to move to a meta level and write more about my projects, for example. These include, but are not limited to, the Word Counter app and the Zettelkasten book. If you like to know more about the stuff behind the scenes, you’ll find it here. Since I’m obviously both a software developer and a writer, the topics I write about may shift a bit into the direction of software development. This Worklog won’t turn into a programmer blog, though.

I hope to take the Zettelkasten project to a new level by getting Sascha on board. Together, we can act faster and approach problems from different angles, thus giving the project more momentum.

You may now subscribe to the Zettelkasten news feed (Atom) to stay up to date. Also consider a newsletter subscription to receive breaking news first.

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