Redirect Your DevMate Sparkle Update Feeds Now

Fellow developer Daniel Kennett mentioned that he requested a HTTP redirect for the DevMate feed to his own server. I probably wouldn’t have thought of this, and think it’s a great idea. This way, you can reach DevMate customers long after their servers have stopped responding.

You should, of course, also send them an email with transition instructions. Please don’t just rely on the update server approach to work, because eventually might be gone for good, and then the redirects won’t work anymore.

The update URLs for DevMate follow a very simple format:

To look up the BUNDLE_ID, Head to your Settings > Basic App Details in the DevMate dashboard. There, you can set the App Icon and see the App Name and Bundle ID. Since the text fields are disabled, you may need to inspect the HTML source in your browser to conveniently copy the contents.

Download the feeds for reference and upload them to your servers. Then ask the DevMate support to redirect to your place.

Currently, it seems this process takes quite a while. A couple of weeks, in fact. I don’t know if that’s because of their high support ticket volume, or because they are still coding the infrastructure for update redirects.

Either way, I highly recommend you do this now so your redirect is functional rather sooner than later.

Update 2019-09-14: Oh, and also deploy an update with the new feed URL so you don’t rely on the redirect for longer than absolutely necessary!