Make Money Outside the MAS v2 Book Writing Stage is Done

My ebook update routine has changed a bit for Swift 5 this year: I’ve expanded the “Make Money Outside the Mac App Store” book typoscript a lot. It’s about twice as long, with many more explanations for the setup, many new additional feature discussions, and practices that I’ve learned of in the last years. FastSpring’s revamped store kind of forced me to re-take screenshots anyway, so I figured I might as well take more.

I also want this v2 edition to be larger in scope. You will still learn how to set up your own store, but if this is your first time reading about any of the things involved in the process, blindly following one narrow path of action doesn’t feel right. So I provide alternatives and try to give perspective: why are license codes used, and what else could you be using? Why is FastSpring superior to, say, when you want to sell apps that require personalized license codes? Which business model would work with a far simpler setup at Gumroad? Higher-level stuff like that, and also alternatives for actual implementation.

Instead of a week, it took three. And now I’m editing the result, proof-reading, getting feedback on it.

If you enjoy reading, criticising books, and want to help out: please do get in touch! A fresh pair of eyes would be super useful.

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