Newsletter Revival

Not everybody knows how to consume RSS, so I wanted to try to make updates to the blog available via email.

That’s why I have now revived the newsletter signup page.

This is the plan:

  1. You get virtually no messages by default,
  2. you can subscribe to automatic updates based on the blog’s feeds.

I’ll experiment with this setup for a while, but I think the current options cover almost anything I currently do, or plan to do, so that both developers and customers of my apps get something interesting in their mailboxes.

With regard to GDPR compliance I went a bit over the top and included a “GDPR Consent Checkbox” for email delivery, just in case, even though everybody seems to agree that the mere act of subscribing is enough already. So you won’t get anything unless you check that, and update your

If you were subscribed to my newsletter before, please revisit the new settings so you can adjust which kind of updates you get. I have sent a message with information to everyone on the old lists, so you should’ve received instructions already.

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