PSA: TextKit 2 Has Bugs

When I linked to Marcin Krzyzanowski’s STTextView, I didn’t want to pollute the link post with this – but I did notice that Marcin added a very informative section to the README: a Bug Report List.

List of issues I reported to Apple so far:

  • FB9856587: TextKit2 unexpected additional line fragment for last line
  • FB9925766: NSTextSelectionNavigation.deletionRanges only works at the end of the word
  • FB9925647: NSTextLayoutManager.replaceContents(in range: with attributedString:) is documented but is not part of the public API
  • FB9907261: NSTextElementProvider.replaceContents(in:with:) does not replace content as documented
  • FB9692714: Rendering attributes does not draw properly
  • FB9886911: NSTextView can’t properly layout and display long lines (this one is nasty since it causes the view “jump” whenever text attribute updates)
  • FB9713415: NSTextView drawInsertionPoint(in:color:turnedOn) is never called
  • FB9971054: NSLayoutManager.enumerateCaretOffsetsInLineFragment ignores starting location
  • FB9971054: NSTextView assert on selection when setup with TextKit2
  • (pending): Incorrect text segment frame reported when first character attribute font size is bigger then the rest

Keep this in mind when you hop onto the TextKit 2 bandwagon with excitement!