STTextView: A TextKit 2 Text Editor without NSTextView

Teaser image

In my recent post about the TextKit 2 sample app, commenter Frizlab pointed out that Marcin Krzyzanowski (@krzyzanowskim on Twitter) is doing TextKit 2 stuff. I didn’t notice that in my Twitter timeline even though I follow him for years now, so I was confused, nay, angry about the state of my Twitter timeline since Musk’s takeover /s.

And yes, Marcin does have a very extensive open source sample project that explores TextKit 2! He’s working on Swift Studio, a pure Swift IDE and his STTextView is a part of that.

So meet STTextView, a “TextKit2 text view without NSTextView baggage”.

Check out the video demo!

One thing I love about the code comments for the UI compoents is the ASCII diagrams of layer contents, e.g. in STTextView.swift:

//  STTextView
//      |---selectionLayer (CALayer)
//      |---contentLayer (CALAyer)
//              |---(STInsertionPointLayer | TextLayoutFragmentLayer)

Am totally going to adopt this :)