Not Quite 100% SwiftUI – Time Makes Perfect

Marin’s Swift Heroes 2023 talk was just uploaded yesterday. It’s called “A 100% SwiftUI App”, and I believe you should watch it, because it’s not actually about what it says on the tin!

Marin Todorov: “A 100% SwiftUI App”, Swift Heroes 2023 talk

Marin’s a charismatic presenter and excellent storyteller. (He also later admits it’s his 65th tech talk, wow!)

There are a couple of gems:

One is the use of the (ficticious) AppKit property leftShiftPressed­InCombination­WithTouchBar­WhereAvailable­RepresentsMouseEvent = 6 to illustrate that over the past 35 years, AppKit has become quite weird, actually.

Another is Marin’s summary of the whole situation right afterward:

Time makes perfect;
but also adds a hundred properties to every class.
– Marin Todorov, 2023

So I’ll spoil one more detail: “A 100% SwiftUI App” is not actually a hard sell to do all of your apps with 100% SwiftUI. Quite the opposite.

I won’t spoil why, though.