SwiftUI Requires Platform Knowledge On Top. Case Study: Fonts

SwiftUI very likely is the future of app development. But it cannot, on its own replace UIKit or AppKit. Not yet, maybe not next year, either. Eventually you will have to drop down a level to implement a custom view, custom navigation, animation, window, or what have you. So for the time being, the two worlds of UIKit and SwiftUI co-exist and complement each other.

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Uberabout Makes Your App's About Window More Sexy

Teaser image

Martin Lexow created a sexier alternative to the default AppKit “About” window called Uberabout

You know, these things:

Default About window that comes with any AppKit/macOS app

The info available to be displayed there is:

  • app icon
  • app name
  • version number
  • build number

Now Martin came up with a drop-in replacement for the same info but with less ugliness:

Uberabout window that your app could have, too

Check out the GIF in the project’s readme to see its 3D transition effects in action!

Sadly it’s only for macOS 11.0+, so for projects pre-Big Sur, you have bad luck. But it’s written with SwiftUI, so you may still learn one thing or another, or adapt the code to your project if you want!