VIPER Added to the Wiki

I was adding “tech stacks” to my CV and figured I might as well link the tech to articles or overviews on my page.

The ‘wiki’ pages I added some time ago are the best places to summarize topics and embed a list of related posts. So I added a page about VIPER and briefly had a look at my old posts.

On a side note, it’s funny how this approach looked kind of popular for a while, but never really caught on. Another example that programming is a pop culture. VIPER never made the Top 10. While it’s still an approach that does what it set out to do, the shorter ‘VIP’ tried to supplant it later, but the much less opinionated [view] coordinators really took the stage. (Crazy that Soroush’s post is from January 2015, which is 8 years ago.)