Kill Unsaved Emacs Buffers UX: Replacing Yes/No/Save with Meaningful Options

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Upgrading to Emacs 29.1 worked like a charm. There’ve been a couple of small neat additions next to all the big changes like native tree-sitter support – and there’s one in particular that you could say I almost hate. When I compose email and decide to discard everything, I’m politely being asked whether I want to kill (aka ‘close’) the buffer and discard all changes. This applies to all other buffers that haven’t been saved, too, but I mostly run into this with email.

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Inverted E-Mail Blockquotes

Is the following a thing in the U.S. of A, or common anywhere else, and I just didn’t notice that? For about a year, some people reply to email questions by interspersing their replies with my questions. That’s good in general to provide context. But what I don’t understand is the practice of adding the > at the beginning of lines of their replies.

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Create FastMail Masked Email Addresses with maskedemail-cli

I’m a happy FastMail user. If you want to be a happy, too, use my referral code for 10% off of your first year (and I’ll get a discount, too!) → I never used their Masked Email feature, though, because it’s so cumbersome to create these addresses from the web UI. I all but forgot about this feature until today, when I looked for something else in my settings.

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