Dan Counsell's Mac App Store Wish List

These wishes by Dan I can easily get behind:

  1. Eliminate or relax the sandboxing guidelines
  2. Revamped pricing models
  3. Emphasize quality over quantity
  4. Get rid of in-app purchases
  5. Streamline the approval process

The picture Dan is painting is dim, but it’s also spot-on. Wishes don’t always come true, and you probably know that some people on the web simply complain and write open letters to Apple instead of wishing for a better future.

Dan’s stance is more productive than complaints, though: Because when you complain, you’re adopting the mentality of a deserving victim. Change the status quo instead.

It’s your turn to do what’s right: if you don’t believe in what’s going on, make something better. On the Mac, you have the power to do so. As an indie app developer, you can distribute your software outside the Mac App Store. Or you can try new business models like Setapp is doing (which I presume to be subscription based for unlimited access to a wide range of apps).

Bitching doesn’t help. It doesn’t improve your own mental state, and it doesn’t make the world a better place. Only doing something will bring change.

Drawing from Dan’s list of wishes, a controversial topic is In-App Purchases. Some people say IAP are the future of making business, that paid up front is dead, and that developers should deal with the reality and adapt. Instead of finding out the truth, think about what you want to make, and which future you want to help bring about. Then act accordingly and never falter.