Be Cautious with Try-Catch for error handling in Swift 2.0

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Throwing exceptions and being able to catch them is awesome news. Then there are cases which can be handled with try-catch technically, but shouldn't. Think about this: in what cases could you make use of that? And what are the consequences for your work? For example, Erica Sadun points out that accessing array indexes out of bounds as a subscript will still crash the app since you can't catch that kind of exception (yet).

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Functional Error Handling in Swift Without Exceptions

In Swift, there's no exception handling or throwing. If you can't use exceptions for control flow like you would in Java, what else are you going to do if you (a) write library code which executes a failing subroutine, and (b) you find unwrapping optionals too cumbersome? I played with the thought of keeping Swift code clean, avoiding the use of optionals, while maintaining their intent to communicate failing operations.

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