Use and Then Reduce Open Source Dependencies

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Use open source liberally to make progress. Avoid open source dependencies in the long run if you can. Start a project by ingesting open source libraries to make progress fast and see if your product works. That’s fine. If it’s not too much, you can leave them in. But when the product matures, and if you offer a library yourself, you may benefit from reducing dependencies to ease product maintenance. Pick what you really need:

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You Absolutely (Do Not) Need to Comment Your Code

Of course you don’t need comments in your code. But your future self appreciates explanations: What is this nested loop good for? What is its purpose? Comments provide context, and shortcuts for understanding: “you don’t need to read this, just think of it as …” Once you explain what the purpose is, suddenly you may also find a way to express the intent clearly in code.

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Being Afraid to Change a Working App

Today I work on The Archive. The focus is on an issue brought up by the community. Search results don’t update the sort order when you modify a note unless you refresh manually. In fact, the issue is expected behavior. The Archive, being a note-taking app where you can filter notes on disk with a live search, is designed to not update the search results for an active search term. Att all. This should prevent the note from disappearing from the results if you remove the search term from its contents. If you search for “foo” and get 10 results, the note you currently edit should not disappear when you cut the search term, “foo”, from it. The Archive protects the search results; a mere live-reload would change the list to 9 results, removing the currently edited one, and that’d be pretty confusing.

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