Add Numbers to Emacs tab-bar-mode Tab Titles for Quick Access

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For about two months now, I’ve been using tab-bar-mode in Emacs to have multiple “workspaces” open. I was fine with buffer switching, too. But tab-bar-mode not only allows you to switch between buffers, but also window configurations – that means one tab will have 1 window with 1 buffer visiting a file, while another might have a gazillion split panes. So the main upside for me is to arrange stuff into panes aka windows, and then open a new tab to do something in a single-pane view.

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The World's Most Comprehensive Guide to Implementing Programmatic Creation of Tabs in a Single NSWindowController That You Shouldn't Adhere To

This is a follow-up to “Programmatically Add Tabs to NSWindows without NSDocument” from January this year. There, I was creating NSWindow instances from storyboards and re-used a single window controller to manage them. The point of that post was to solve the problem that newly created tabs will themselves not respond to the “+” button – or any menu action, for that matter, because they fell out of the responder chain at first.

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Programmatically Add Tabs to NSWindows without NSDocument

The Cocoa/AppKit documentation is very sparse when it comes to tabbing. You can make use of the native window tabbing introduced in macOS Sierra with a few simple method calls, though. Conceptually, this is what you will need to do: However, there are some caveats when implementing these methods naively. The plus button may stop working (no new tabs are added when you click it) and all default shortcuts are broken, their main menu items greyed out.

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