Find Non-64-Bit Apps Using the Free Go64 Tool

From the St. Claire Software website:

Quickly scan your disk for applications, see which ones are 32-bit, and find upgrade information with the click of a button.

Go64 makes it easy to plan for the future.

And yes, it’s FREE!

Find out which apps will stop working after Mojave and why. Does deep scans of apps, e.g. checking embedded frameworks and helper app bundles.

I used to use their Default Folder X about 10 years ago, and still use Jettison. I trust the dev.

Mind Node adds Tasks

screenshot of Mind Node

I love Mind Node for Mac. Now they added tasks. I think that’s weird, but I can see how this is useful for some people. You can devise plans and operate on them without having to export the outline to a task management application, for example.

It looks great and maybe I can use this for a little side-project which doesn’t really need traditional taks (which I put into OmniFocus) but could benefit from checking off items nevertheless.