Slides for the "More Money, More Control" Webinar on Selling Outside the Mac App Store

Today I noticed that I never followed up on my FastSpring webinar of 2017 called "Beyond the Mac App Store - A Practical Guide to Go From Code to Cash" with the slides! Sorry, folks! I'll also upload the checklist we served attendees. You can find the slides on, because I have an account there and don't know what else to do with PDFs:

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Recording of Wednesday's Webinar

Sadly, the recording doesn't contain the webcam stream. I find videos like this pretty hard to follow. Especially if the speaker isn't native English, then it can be quite a pain sometimes. I hope it's not too bad for y'all, though!

I promised not to distribute any follow-up material until next week so that webinar attendees have early access.

But you can get a 20% discount on "Make Money Outside the Mac App Store" by using the coupon code MORECONTROL, good until March 31st!

Update 2019-06-28: I uploaded the slides and you can find them here: I also fixed the broken link to the webinar.