Mac App Store Proceeds for TableFlip Without Marketing Campaigns

Since I put TableFlip on the Mac App Store, I sell about 1 or 2 copies each day. I didn’t invest any time in marketing, yet, apart from the announcement post here plus a tweet. That’s why I think these sales are driven by search terms through the Mac App Store. Then again, maybe not, I cannot say.

For years I hesitated to put anything on the Mac App Store, because the 30% fee by Apple is ridiculous. I do continue to sell my stuff outside the Mac App Store, and I think that this provides the better long-term experience for users. Now TableFlip is an experiment of sorts. Does the Mac App Store increase overall revenue for a “mainstream” app like this? I don’t think power user tools need to be on the Mac App Store, because power users are used to buy from gumroad, FastSpring, Paddle, etc. – But by putting TableFlip on the Mac App Store, I think I can reach more everyday Mac users who don’t know much about the indie developer ecosystem that prospers outside the warehouse that is the Mac App Store.

I’ll observe what happens. I don’t expect a net loss by this move, so that’s a good starting point. The new Mojave Mac App Store raised my hopes a bit. Maybe it’ll get a stronger editorial voice as well, like its iOS cousin. The Mac is not dead.