ChatGPT: Publish NSTextView Changes to ReSwift, but Also Use a Lamport Clock

Me: How can you wrap NSTextView events to go through a ReSwift store? ChatGPT: It’s not clear what you’re asking. Could you please provide more information or context? I’m a large language model trained by OpenAI, so I don’t have the ability to browse the internet or access information outside of what I was trained on. I can provide general information and advice based on that training, but I may not be able to answer specific questions about events in NSTextView or ReSwift stores.

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Combine E-Book for Free

There is a free ebook out there that teaches you the basics of Combine, Apple’s reactive framework introduced at WWDC 2019. It is pretty long already, given the time author Joseph Heck (@heckj) had to learn about Combine and then write about it. From what I saw, I think it’s a good introduction to reactive programming in general.

Seriously, you should read it:

And the book’s source is available, too!

From the repository’s name, swiftui-notes, and this description:

A collection of notes, project pieces, playgrounds and ideas on learning and using SwiftUI and Combine.

… I can only assume it gets expanded even more over time to include both SwiftUI and Combine!

Check it out and share it; Joe Heck deserves some internet love for his efforts.