Masterclass of Decoupling: Diablo II Resurrected

Decoupling is hard work, especially when taken to extremes – as the team of Diablo II did when they decoupled the whole rendering stack of the original game from the rest of the engine to reuse both independently. Today I learned that Diablo II Resurrected is a true remaster: new 3D graphics, but the engine hasn’t changed. In an interview with Eurogamer, Rob Gallerani pointed out that

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Iteratively Improving Your App: Decoupling Components at Module Seams and Adding Facades

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Façades are very important tools when I flesh-out the modules of an application. They turn out to be only the logical consequence of basic object-oriented programming principles, internal cohesion of objects namely, paired with decoupling of application modules (like “model” and “view”). Take a complex view that has many subviews. When you need to update a single piece of the user interface, how do you get there?

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