“Exploring Mac App Development” Updated for Swift 2.0 + Coupon to Save 50%

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It’s a good time to update my book for Swift 2: guard clauses improve readability, and do-try-catch error handling shows problem points. Protocol extensions are huge, but I had no use for them in the sample code, yet. The update is live now. If you haven’t bought the book in the past, grab it until August 1st to save more than 50%: use the coupon Swift2Yay. The coupon is good for 10 copies, so be quick.

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I'm About to Release a Little E-book on Domain-Driven Design and Mac Application Development

I’m adding a file monitoring feature to the Word Counter. This is a huge change to the application’s source code. To tackle this problem with style, I mulled things over for a while and considered my existing application’s design. I wanted to try out a few new things, so it was a no-brainer to start a sample project from scratch and fiddle with it.

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