Disabling Segments in a NSSegmentedControl in a Toolbar

This post is part of a series on getting NSSegmentedControl to work in your toolbars. Earlier this week I posted how to create a segmented toolbar item with 1 label for each segment. Now some options in TableFlip depend on context: without a selected cell, you cannot remove the selection, for example. So I disabled some segments and it looked alright:

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How to Create a Segmented NSToolbarItem like Apple Mail.app

Teaser image

Ever wondered how Apple Mail’s NSToolbar achieves the effect of individually labeled buttons shown in groups? Update 2018-11-23: I discovered a flaw in the target–action-mechanism of NSToolbarItems. They don’t fire if the label is hidden. This post’s approach is still valid enough, but is now part of a series of posts on the topic, with the 3rd one providing a fix:

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