When Actions of NSSegmentedControl in Toolbars Do Not Fire In Their Overflow Menu Item State, Do This

In this fourth and probably still not final part of my series on NSToolbarItems with segmented controls, I just want to share a problem and a quick fix that Nathan Manceaux-Panot brought up today. The series spans 8 years and is this: Nathan recently went through the series to implement segmented controls in toolbars but discovered that the overflow menu items would not enable (a validation problem) and when they enable, they don’t fire the action. When he brought this up today, I investigated.

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Disabling Segments in a NSSegmentedControl in a Toolbar

This post is part of a series on getting NSSegmentedControl to work in your toolbars. Earlier this week I posted how to create a segmented toolbar item with 1 label for each segment. Now some options in TableFlip depend on context: without a selected cell, you cannot remove the selection, for example. So I disabled some segments and it looked alright:

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How to Create a Segmented NSToolbarItem like Apple Mail.app

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Ever wondered how Apple Mail’s NSToolbar achieves the effect of individually labeled buttons shown in groups? Update 2018-11-23: I discovered a flaw in the target–action-mechanism of NSToolbarItems. They don’t fire if the label is hidden. This post’s approach is still valid enough, but is now part of a series of posts on the topic, with the 3rd one providing a fix:

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