Processing David Epstein: Range (S01E02)

I uploaded episode two of the book processing video series on David Epstein’s book Range:

In this episode, I process the few highlights from Chapter 1. I end up with many more links than last time already. I also employ the method of creating a forward-link, i.e. adding a link to a note that does not exist but that I need at a certain location in my structure note, then add the details. The upside: you already have 1 connection!

Episode list:

  • Episode 1: Introduction
  • Episode 2: Chapter 1, “The Cult of the Head Start”
  • Episode 3: Chapter 2, “How the Wicked World Was Made”
  • Episode 4: Chapter 3, “When Less of the Same Is More”
  • Episode 5: Chapter 4, “Learning, Fast and Slow”
  • Episode 6: Chapter 5, “Thinking Outside Experience”

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